Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Atomic UniPo

This is my piece for the Vinylmore show at Atomic Pop....

Unkl is one of my favourite toy companies and they produce some of the finest vinyl out there, so in creating this UniPo I wanted to keep a little of the essence of the character and not totally change the look of it. I like how this was developing but unfortunately I ran out of time to fully explore the possibilities....so there will definitely be more to come in this vein......

The original figure

Some work-in-progress shots

The finished piece

Captain Billy

Captain Billy is the second figure in my series of custom Billy Bronze figures using the idea of a child’s fantasy superhero character.....

Firstly some work-in-progress shots

The finished figure

Monday, 25 February 2008

Dark Billy

Dark Billy is the first figure in my series of custom Billy Bronze figures using the idea of a child’s fantasy superhero character.....The idea being that these figures represent a gang of kids dressing up as their favourite characters. Not necessarily going to a fancy dress party or anything....just out having fun.

Original Figure

Some work-in-progress shots

The finished figure
Using a combination of Milliput and Super Sculpey I added the extra features to the figure then painted it using Liquitex acrylics.

White Tara

White Tara was the first custom vinyl toy I made. The base figure for this is a Crossing Guard from Nathan Jurevicius's Scary Girl City Folk series....with it's concept originating in the Tibetan branch of Vajrayana Buddhism....essentially the White Tara is known for compassion, long life, healing and serenity....

Original Figure

1st stage - Stripping paint and unwanted features.

2nd stage Adding parts and undercoating.

Finished piece painted

Digital/analogue works from 2007

Her's a couple of digital/analogue images from 2007....thought I'd better post em before they get lost....

Acrylic paint, Photoshop.

Acrylic paint, Camera, Photoshop, 3dsMax.

Lil Bomber

This is 'Lil Bomber', a kind of kitbash if you will using various airfix parts and some milliput...

'Lil Bomber'

Plastic, acrylic paint, milliput and glue. 1.75" x 1.5" x 0.5".

Here's a few earlier works I happened across while searching for something else...


Acrylic paint, pencil and chalk on paper. 4ft x 4ft

'It's A Gas'
Acrylic paint and pencil on paper. 20" x 20"

Digital, 3dsMax.