Sunday, 11 July 2010

RGB and CMYK Oberth Drones for sale

Both of these figures are now for sale....

My main concern with these figures is to give collectors an opportunity to have a singular piece at an affordable level. So firstly I want to produce a run of RGB and CMYK characters with a maximum edition of 25 each. These are being produced by hand, and as such each figure will be unique.....they stand approximately 5.5" tall and will come signed and numbered on the base of the feet. One randomly selected figure in each edition (RGB and CMYK) will be accompanied by a one of a kind Oberth Colonist. The cost per figure is £55 not including shipping.....An example of one of the randomly selected  Oberth Colonists:

Email me to register your interest, stating which character(s) you would like and which country you live in so that shipping can be calculated. I will then email you back with a total cost and paypal info.

Saturday, 3 July 2010