Sunday, 12 December 2010

Blue Funk Xaan

A fellow October Toys forum member kindly sent me a blank of his latest resin figure Xaan to work on. It's a really cool alien character and arrived requiring very little preparation. I finally finished it up last night....

......Xaan is available HERE as a blank or fully painted ready for display.

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Sketchbot 2

Take yourselves along to Steve Talkowski's sketchbot blog for all the news on future releases and all the latest updates and sneak peeks for the sketchbot 2 show at Munky King.

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Caytano the knife thrower - update 4

This will be the last update until the final reveal of the finished piece. There is still more to this but I want to leave some details until the final reveal in the week prior to the show....

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Caytano the knife thrower - update 2

Another work in progress shot......

Caytano the knife thrower - update

Here's the first couple of work in progress shots of the figure....

Caytano the knife thrower

Caytano used to be part of Bombast Furioso's circus, the 'Palace Of Wonders' and headlined with his robotic knife throwing act. At the time he was the only Cthulu circus act in the world and commanded a high price for his performances.

 After a series of unfortunate incidents at the Palace Of Wonders coupled with the general decline of the circus as an entertainment, Caytano and many others found themselves out of work. With no formal training he found it difficult to make a living and for many years got by as a petty criminal until he decided to put his only skill to some use. He now earns an excellent living as a backstreet vivisectionist. He counts top universities, labs and pharmaceutical companies as his customers along with one or two wealthy 'hobbyists' all knocking at his door for his discreet services.

The poster above is one of the few remaining images of Caytano, who now remains very elusive and camera shy.

Sketchbot 2

Show starts November 19th and runs until December 24th at Munky King LA with an amazing line-up of artists participating....and I'm extremely honoured and lucky to be in that group.

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Oberth Edition Cards

Just finished up these edition cards for various Oberth figures.....

.....the first three are for the Oberth Drones: RGB, CMYK and Hatch. The second two are Oberth Colonists from a couple of ended and one not yet taken place.

Monday, 11 October 2010

Oberth Drone - Hatch

This version started out as a bit of an experiment but now I've decided to produce these along the same lines as RGB and CMYK. Each figure will be hand made and so will be unique and differ slightly from each other. As with RGB and CMYK these stand around 5.5" tall.

Hatch is responsible for the more hazardous elements the Colonists encounter - securing, analyzing and destroying if necessary......

.......head on over to my store to pick one of these up or just email me.

Friday, 1 October 2010

Toybreak x Oberth Colonist Competition - Extension

"Win one of two exclusive October Toys Oberth Colonists! To enter, simply post a reply here containing the following: Make a traveling companion for the Oberth Colonists. This can be a very simple sketch, a painting, a cardboard cutout, a 3D figure made out of pretty much anything, some digital editing of existing imagery....No great skills are needed for this just get the idea across in some way.

Deadline is October 5th "

.....there will now be a third winner and due to the changes the deadline has been extended to October 12th.

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Rare sighting.....

So these two are now finished up for a little giveaway project.....

Jumping Seismic Brain Aces

A superb collaboration between Smash Tokyo Toys and Monsterforge using Jumping Brains and some teeny tiny Seismic Ace head figures....Monsterforge has managed to bring out some fantastic detail and filled these little guys full of character.....

.....go take a look at monsterforge's blog for more of his work.

Jouwe Flyer

Great looking flyer for the Jouwe show at Toy Art Gallery....



....lots of previews of the work to be in this show at the Toy Art Gallery blog.

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Sketch Heads

I started making these for something to do while waiting for...paint to dry, sculpey to cure etc. The only restrictions I made were that each one was to take no more than 10min to make. The painting is a later addition as I decided I couldn't see enough detail on them...

Here are the first few I made unpainted:

...and here they are painted up:

....and here are the next three:

...interesting to see in just these few how much they've improved from the first batch. I must keep these going, I might try using some paperclay on the next lot.