Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Caytano the knife thrower

Caytano used to be part of Bombast Furioso's circus, the 'Palace Of Wonders' and headlined with his robotic knife throwing act. At the time he was the only Cthulu circus act in the world and commanded a high price for his performances.

 After a series of unfortunate incidents at the Palace Of Wonders coupled with the general decline of the circus as an entertainment, Caytano and many others found themselves out of work. With no formal training he found it difficult to make a living and for many years got by as a petty criminal until he decided to put his only skill to some use. He now earns an excellent living as a backstreet vivisectionist. He counts top universities, labs and pharmaceutical companies as his customers along with one or two wealthy 'hobbyists' all knocking at his door for his discreet services.

The poster above is one of the few remaining images of Caytano, who now remains very elusive and camera shy.

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Throwdini said...

Hello, can you give me more information about Caytano. Where and when he performed, type of act, etc.
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