Monday, 19 August 2013

Baby Deadbeets

Just a few little things I've managed to do in what seems like forever....All custom Baby Deadbeets from October Toys. First up is a little seated beet.... are a couple of troublesome beets known as 'The Daikon Twins'....


Saturday, 2 March 2013


Here's a little something for a little something I've been working on......So....this l'il fella is called 'Frigg', he even comes complete with a bit of history.....

 Frigg was one half of the double act Pascoe And Wise (Otus being the other half), a clown high wire duo at Bombast Furioso's Palace Of Wonders. When The Palace Of Wonders fell into decline he took up with Caytano (the knifethrower), who upon leaving the circus went on to become an extremely successful backstreet vivisectionist. It was during one of Otus's long absences at sea that Caytano suggested to the rather bored Frigg that he become his apprentice and learn the darker arts of vivsection.

Caytano and Frigg were destined to become two of the most notorious and celebrated luminaries of their time turning vivisection into a performance, art and magnificent spectacle much in demand from Svalbard to Djibouti.

....hopefully completing this is going to help me move on with some other projects that have had to take a bit of a back seat for quite some time now.....quite looking forward to getting some rabbityness finished up and out the door.