Monday, 16 March 2009

The Oberth Colonists

Here's some work-in-progress shots of the beginings of a little group of characters I'm working on called 'The Oberth Colonists'....

....The Oberth Colonists wander the universe in search of other colonists. Once all the colonists have gathered themselves they can then piece together the maps that have been scarred onto them at birth and begin their journey home. Unfortunately for them, they don't know how many colonists there were originally nor how many are still alive.

The name comes from Hermann Oberth, a German physicist who published his thesis By Rocket into Planetary Space in 1923, which triggered wide-scale interest and scientific research on the topic of space flight.

....this was a little experiment to see how well Super Sculpey and Fimo mixed and baked together as I wanted to produce some figures that would be self coloured without the need to paint them...I'll still probably end up doing some very minor painting on the faces though. There's a fair bit of work left to be done with this first one. I'm still undecided about putting arms on it and there's a lot of sanding and some polishing to do.....and his map needs to be applied. This one stands 3.5" tall.

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