Saturday, 19 September 2009

Oberth Colonist Proto For Vinyl

This is a prototype for a vinyl release of my 'Oberth Colonist' figures.....the original series was designed to be one-off pieces made in a combination of Super Sculpey and Fimo with an average height of around 3.5". The vinyl version is a little different....there will be more detail to the figure and it'll also be bigger, around 5" - 6". Another addition to these will hopefully be a set of three interchangeable faces with maybe one of them being blank....Here's the WiP shots from the start of making this....

1st stage - getting the general shape right

This is after the first bake

And this is the addition of the bumps

....and next is much sanding.....and more sanding.......and more sanding.....then I'll add legs and feet and the face porthole.....there just might also be another little bonus accessory to be added to a very limited number of these.....

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