Monday, 13 June 2011

OMFG! Series 1

You might remember a previous post about a little sculpt I did (Monowheeled Mecha Monkey) for a possible mini figure series. Well....unfortunately Mecha Monkey wasn't chosen for the first series but there are five superb designs that will hopefully make it to production. There is a Kickstarter project up and running to get series 1 off the ground, which is doing incredibly well and I urge everyone to go and support it in whatever way you can.....Here's some art and a look at the sculpts....

Here's a link to the OMFG! Kickstarter project and another link to the forum discussion about the project. Initially there will be a flesh colour and an exclusive black colour for Kickstarter sponsors.....there are lots of levels of support you can give the project right up to getting a unique colour run of 200 sets bagged with your own design header cards which you can then keep, sell, use as giveaways etc. Take a look at the OMFG! Kickstarter page for all the info.

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